What We Do and Why We Do It… 

The Legacy will be known as the Foundation for All Things Right. Life sometimes deals us a hand we just never could have prepared ourselves for, and it can seem impossibly difficult to understand why physical pain and suffering are so often met with financial burden. We hope to help make things right for those we are able to fund, as well as create a community of support.

We will provide assistance as best we can. Individuals and families may apply for assistance, and referrals will always be accepted. For those we cannot directly fund, we will do our best to share stories on our website and social media vessels to invoke support from the community.  This support may come in the form of personal donations, scheduled meals, rides to appointments, etc.

Visit our “Donate” page for more information on how you can help, support, and donate.

Visit our “Apply” page to contact us for an application or submit a referral.